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Peak Pilate System Deluxe Review

Peak Pilate Deluxe Reformer:

Product Review:

Peak Pilate System Deluxe - Perhaps the most reputable name in pilates reformer equipment. The Peak Pilate is well built with anodized aluminum frame, 4 position gear system, 5 spring system, and 3 position headrest. The footbar features 4 positions with a safety latch and wraparound cover. The ropes and scaled risers are adjustable and for added safety there is a locking hinge guard. The folding design is what sets this unit apart from many others. The portable pilates reformer provides one of the best warranties on the market with 5 years for frame structural components, rails and tower extrusions, effective as of the invoice date of the original purchase. It's easy to assemble and folds up for quick and easy storage. How does it perform? Never had an issue in our studio and have owned several for years. We like the folding design as we can quickly change from a mat pilates class to a reformer class within minutes. Browse all pilates reformer equipment here.

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