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Pilates Rebounder, Jumpboard, Box Reviews

Best Pilates Reformer Rebounders, Jumpboards, Boxes, and Arc:

Pilates reformers are popping up in more homes than ever before. The pilates exercise revolution has really caught on and many gym goers prefer the low impact, yet cardiovascular workouts they get on their pilates reformer machines. Many of the popular reformers do come with accessory items like rebounders or jumpboards, while some are pretty basic. STOTT Pilates is known for great reformer machines, but several of their models lack the basics. The cardio rebounder and jumpboard are the two best selling items, although the reformer box and pilates arc gaining in popularity. The Balanced Body arc is around $200 and designed for more advanced users that need a spine corrector, exercise arc, or a wedge for the reformer. The reformer box is another item you might want to consider as an add-on for your pilates machine or even a mat workout. They are typically studio size and designed to allow you a greater range of motion and lets you do various exercises while lying on the reformer or when seated. They are padded and upholstered with non-scuff vinyl. They range in price from $125 to $350. Keep in mind that many of the at home pilates reformer machines are $500 to $900, so the accessory items add a premium to that price if you want one.

Pilates Reformer Jumpboard
#1 : STOTT Pilates Jumpboard - Similar to the rebounder below, this STOTT accessory item is available in both 22 and 24 inch models. The jumpboard is designed for those looking for plyometric exercises on their reformers. It's easy to install on your STOTT Pilates reformer with square mounting post. Over the years these accessory items have proven to be very durable and safe. They are designed with tubular steel frames and dense EVA foam padding. Great for working on footwork.

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STOTT PILATES Cardio-Tramp Rebounder:
#2 : STOTT PILATES Cardio-Tramp Rebounder - Comes in 22 or 24 inch sizes. The 24 inch rebounder from STOTT fits V2 Max, V2 Max Plus, Rehab and Rack & Roll model Reformers. The 22 inch cardio rebounder fits SPX model Reformers. They are designed for constant use with heavy-duty tubular steel frame and flat double-stitched strapping so you can clean or replace it easily. You can do plyometric activity for longer periods of time with the soft landing surface. Get a high energy yet low-impact workout. Studies show that using the rebounder is similar to walking/running on a treadmill but you don't get sore joints. Makes a great addition to the STOTT Pilates reformer machines.

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5 Star Rating

Photos of Rebounders, Jumpboard, Reformer Box:

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